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Conception Romblon

Concepcion Romblon, Your invitation to inhale paradise

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Concepcion is a municipality in the province of Romblon province. The new province included the islands of Romblon group and the valley of Aclan in northwestern Panay island. Romblon which was designated as the new capital town. Concepcion romblon has Zamboangita Sandy loam type of soil.

Concepcion's power needs are being served by the Municipal Electrification Systems, which source their supply from the National Power Corporation NAPOCOR .

Concepcion romblon is a municipality in the island of Maestro de Campo or Sibale in the province of Romblon, Philippines.

Concepcion Romblon has a NHS Alumni List as well. TheConcepcion Church is a personalbelonging of Don Salvador Robledo, a Spanish Conquistadores.

Did you know that all the islands of Romblon have marble?

Romblon is the only place in the Southeast Asia with the marble deposits of commercial value. Romblon is also famous for its traditional weaving and basketry. Romblon Island is situated between the two major islands of Sibuyan and Tablas.

Concepcion Romblon

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