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Romblon marble

Romblon marble can be compared to Italy's Carara

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Romblon marble

Romblon Your definitive guide to the island-paradise of Romblon.

The Island of Romblon, the capital of the Province is bounded on the north by Tablas Strait and Tablas Island on the south by Sibuyan Sea and on the west by Sibuyan Island.

Romblon has soil type of Lonos sandy Loam and Romblon clay. Romblon's marble can be compared to Italy's Carara because marble comes in a spectrum of shades ranging from white to black with a gamut of in-between tints like mottled white, tiger white, onyx and jade.

Romblon's marble easily transforms into an exotic material that is suitable and attractive for the construction industry.

The further strengthen and boost the marble industry in Romblon. With Stone expo activity, the small province of Romblon is now internationally exposed and recognized.

Set In Stone Romblon Marble Trading: Setting the Standard for Marble Products.

Romblon Marble beside Boracay beach

The town of Romblon still retains vestiges of this once important craft in the adornments of old houses and public buildings. The main industries in Romblon are fishing and farming, with crops such as rice, copra and abaca. Dubbed as the "Marble Country" which fittingly describes the rich deposits of marble found all over the province.

Experts say that Romblon marbles are equal to Italian marbles in quality.

Marble Islands - Romblon Island, Philippines .Romblon, The Marble Country pictures from philippines photos on webshots. Philippine marble became synonymous with Romblon, at least for local uses. Romblon is one of the provinces that compose the MIMAROPA Region of Luzon.

The island of Romblon is filled with large deposits of export-quality marble, said to be comparable to those found in Italy.

ROMBLON is the place where marble products are originaly made it is the primary livelihood of the people there there's a lot of marble products RO.

Romblon Marble from Paradise

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